​​​I have spent my career working with various clientelle on enhancing their lives with the beauty of creative functional design. What you see on this website is only a sampling of the work that started as my vision on paper and then was crafted in my workshop.


My family  background is in the arts. My Grandfather was painter and sculptor Irvin Burkee, a member of the National Sculpture Society . My Grandmother Bonnie Burkee is a printmaker and sculptor. Their works are in private and public collections internationally, including the Smithsonian Institution.

I began my woodworking career at a very early age working in my mother’s interior design and furniture studio. When I was nineteen I became shop foreman, and shortly thereafter took control of the woodworking part of the business designing my creations using the broad aesthetic influences of my family, adding my personal dynamic .  

Arcobaleno (translation Rainbow), my line of furniture which is featured on this website, is a venture which consists of flowing free standing curves.These pieces can enhance a wide range of styles from classical to contemporary.

The custom pieces are works that were created for my clientele, many of whom have become collectors of my work.